“Like” us on Facebook For Your Chance to Win Lunch @ Bistro 310!

We don’t want you to miss out on the fun of being an EYB Facebook fan, so we’re offering new fans the chance to win lunch on us at one of the best restaurants in town — Bistro 310!

All you need to do is become a fan of our Facebook page now through April 8 and then enter to win a $40 gift certificate to Bistro 310. This is an exclusive invitation, so your odds of winning will be high!

Ready to enter? http://www.facebook.com/eybpromotions


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This Spring’s Best Promotional Items

Spring has officially sprung, which means – green grass, flowers, rain, warmer weather and the promise that summer is just around the corner. We’re loving the new promotional items for this season, so we thought we’d share some of these energizing, fresh and (of course) green giveaway ideas.

There are endless options for tying these promo items into your corporate messaging – though admittedly cheesy, words like ‘growth’ or ‘fresh start’ do lend themselves great to these items.

Call us if you’re ready to get your spring campaign kicked-off 812-376-3212!

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Happy StayPatrick’s Day!

Happy StayPatrick’s Day! Not familiar with this highly underrated holiday? Well, let me tell you why. StayPatrick’s Day only happens every 50 years, when the moon is right and St. Patrick’s Day falls on Spring Break. The phenomenon was first discovered a long time ago when nomads would fall under a spell of depression during a long winter’s stint. When the moon was just perfect in March, St. Patrick’s Day would shower the nomads with the gift of warm weather. As time when on, modern families would option to ‘stay’ home on Spring Break when St. Patrick’s Day fell on Spring Break week – that way they wouldn’t miss the festivities. And that’s how StayPatrick’s Day was born.

And today, we’re happy to announce the moon is right and 70 degree weather is in the forecast, which means it’s time to celebrate. How do you celebrate you ask? Here’s EYB’s receipe for the perfect StayPatrick’s Day celebration:

All Chairs Must be Covered in Beach Towels







Greenacoladas Are Served Cold All Day Long







Tacky Beach Decorations Are a MUST








Hats Must be Worn in Order to Avoid Sunburn







Satellite Radio Must be Tuned to ‘Margaritaville’







Green Beachwear Must be Worn








You Must Have Some Fun







Last Rule, you MUST pull a prank on your boss if she’s leaving for Florida on StayPatrick’s Day!














OK, so you’re probably wondering…what’s in it for you? Well, don’t worry we’re sharing the love. At lunch we’re grilling cheeseburgers in paradise outside EYB and offering ALL green overstock inventory items for 50% off original prices! All other inventoried items are marked off up to 45% off!

So, come celebrate, grab a burger and get some good deals!















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Product Review: A+ Wine Design’s Customized Wine Bottles

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We recently were asked to check out A+ Wine Design’s customized wine bottles. We were sent a sample of their product, we gave it a good once over, did some research…and we were pleasantly surprised — here’s why. (and no, I’m not being complimentary because I just finished sampling the wine – that will come later today).

  • A+ wine custom wine bottles feel like a top-tier client gift because of the attention to detail in the etching
  • The etching style is a fairly deep engraving setting, so the branding is very eye-catching
  • The etching can be hand painted to match your logo or design
  • You can choose from generic etched designs or custom

I like this product for high-potential customers or for an employee appreciation gift. Instead of offering a generic bottle of wine, etching turns your bottle into a keepsake. Check out the slide show above for a closer look at their work.

We love innovation in the industry and that’s why we love A+ Wine Designs – they’re taking a traditional corporate gift idea and adding a modern twist that’s making this gift more relevant and memorable. Two thumbs up.

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What’s Cookin’ at EYB? A Massive Office Renovation, That’s What!

OK, we’ve kept it secret long enough…we’re about ready to bust with excitement! We’ve completely over-hauled our showroom and office space and we’re ready to show it off! Here’s some before and after pictures to give you the full effect.













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EYB Promotion’s Best Ideas for How to Use QR Codes

We wanted to throw out some interesting ideas for how QR codes could be used in marketing and in life. We love all of the applications and thought we’d share some of our quirky, useful and brand-exposing ideas. So, here’s the run-down:

1. QR Codes on Animal Clothing: Just think, Daisy will never be lost again. With a hand-dandy QR code linked to your contact information, you can let her outside without worry!

2. QR Codes on Marketing Materials: The most obvious of the bunch. We just love the idea of adding codes to your materials to link people to a CTA or website.



3. QR Codes on Company Apparel: Love, Love, Love this — your walking billboard of a clothing just went digital. Call EYB for more information on how you can get into QR coded gear! 812.376.3212



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EYB Freebie for March: Approved by Evan Longoria

It’s EYB Freebie time again! This month’s EYB Freebie is approved by Evan Longoria. Order 12 or more of these new ERA hats in March and get free crest-sized embroidery with your purchase*.

Watch this promotional video/chase-scene that features Evan and our ERA hats. We won’t make you jump out of a helicopter for yours!

View Video: http://www.apparelvideos.com/marketing/videoNK.jsp?v=Collection_2011_NewEra.flv&m=6008672

View Hat Product Info: http://www.companycasuals.com/eybpromotions/b.jsp?id=1278151

*Logo must be digitized

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