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Goodbye Jessica, We’ll Miss You!!

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We only had her for a short while, but Jessica Risacher made a big impact on our business. She started as an intern during the summer of 2010. She helped organize a client event, our sales plan and worked externally to promote our business. She did such an awesome job during her internship that in September, we hired her on full-time as a marketing/sales specialist. She worked diligently to process client orders, quote jobs and help us with strategic business decisions – all the while working on her MBA at IUPUC.

It wasn’t always all business – Jessica was a lot of fun! Being a good sport when we asked her to participate in Columbus’ Amazing Race (which entailed running around town in crazy outfits and dancing in public to an organ), we hosted internal parties and she was always willing to play along, and we always enjoyed hearing her ‘ring the bell’ when she got a client order.

We’re excited for Jessica’s new adventure as she moves into her new position, but will greatly miss having her here on our team!

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Product Review: A+ Wine Design’s Customized Wine Bottles

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We recently were asked to check out A+ Wine Design’s customized wine bottles. We were sent a sample of their product, we gave it a good once over, did some research…and we were pleasantly surprised — here’s why. (and no, I’m not being complimentary because I just finished sampling the wine – that will come later today).

  • A+ wine custom wine bottles feel like a top-tier client gift because of the attention to detail in the etching
  • The etching style is a fairly deep engraving setting, so the branding is very eye-catching
  • The etching can be hand painted to match your logo or design
  • You can choose from generic etched designs or custom

I like this product for high-potential customers or for an employee appreciation gift. Instead of offering a generic bottle of wine, etching turns your bottle into a keepsake. Check out the slide show above for a closer look at their work.

We love innovation in the industry and that’s why we love A+ Wine Designs – they’re taking a traditional corporate gift idea and adding a modern twist that’s making this gift more relevant and memorable. Two thumbs up.

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Innovative Ways to Use QR Codes at Events

As a promotional products company, many of our clients come to us when they want some creativity injected into their events. Whether it’s with custom awards, swag bag items or embroidered apparel…we’re in the business of blowing our clients away with creative ways to incorporate product into events.

If you can’t tell, we’re loving QR codes right now. Here’s a re-cap of articles, if you need to get up-to-speed:

If you’re trying to wrap your head around ways to use QR codes at events, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s run through some attention-grabbing options:

  • Create Pre-Event Buzz: Using a QR code on a printed invitation is the perfect way to 1) offer additional information about the event (e.g. link to event website), 2) provide a video teaser to create some buzz or 3) offer a special registration price to those who scan the code. Whatever the application, it sends a clear message to attendees that your company is an early adopter of technology.

  • Interactivity During the Event: Think about using QR codes during an event as an ice breaker or during breaks. For instance place QR codes on everyone’s chairs and ask trivia questions during breaks. Tell the audience that hints will be attached to the QR codes.
  • Reward Attendees: What if you used QR codes to determine prize winners during your conference? Use codes to simulate a lottery – attaching a winning message on a few codes. Winners who un-lock the winning QR code, could be asked to participate on stage or win a big prize!

Want to talk to our team directly about an upcoming event? Let us help you coordinate promotional items, awards and apparel with your event theme by calling us at 812.376.3212 or visit:

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5 Tips for Using QR Codes on Promotional Items

Remember our February blog post? Now, merely 9 months later we’re seeing QR codes all over the place — in our Black Friday ads, on billboards, embedded into business cards and in newspaper advertising.

So, first — for those of you who aren’t completely sure what it is…let’s get you up-to-speed.

Here’s the wikipedia definition: A QR Code is a matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with a camera, and smartphones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on white background. The information encoded can be text, URL or other data.

Now, that you get the idea…here are 5 tips for using QR codes in promotional product marketing.

1. Add new dimension to your message by adding a code to your promotional items.

QR codes are free to make, so have one created using a free service like: Attach a video detailing more information about your company or a link to your website or Facebook page.



2. Link the physical world with the digital as a way to meet your goals.

As you think about creating a QR code for your promotional products. Think about your intended goals and how the code will help you achieve your desired response.

  1. Who’s your audience?
  2. What are we trying to achieve with these promotional items? More sales, increased awareness, Facebook fans or increased engagement?
  3. What’s the shelf-life of this message?
  4. Can I re-use this QR code for other things?

3. Get creative!

A QR code doesn’t have to only include a link to your website. Think through an integrated promotion that will get people to engage with your brand. What about a contest or secret code that could be included in the QR code for a free coupon? Think about using them as a way to drive traffic to your trade show booth or increase Facebook Fans. Carefully thinking through the media that is attached to the QR code — it can make or break your campaign.

4. Use your existing assets

Don’t have a lot of budget or time? Think through your existing assets and how you can pull this off for less. Have an existing micro-site or blog that you can use as a campaign landing page? Don’t assume your video has to be of professional quality. Customers will feel more connected to you/your brand if the video feels authentic.

5. Integrate QR codes into other marketing efforts

Think about packaging, boxes, buildings, letterhead, business cards, advertising…the list goes on and on. Be a leader in the your industry without much investment. Note: a QR code is used best when supplemental information will help a customer better understand your product, brand or positioning.

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The Color Palette for The 2010 Fall Season

There’s definitely something in the air…maybe it’s a few stray leaves that crunch under your feet, a slight chill in the breeze or all of the ‘back to school’ ads. Ready or not, fall is just around the corner.

Be ready for this season with a preview of this fall’s backdrop. This season’s colors are dazzling, surprising and under-stated.

1. Purple Orchid2010 Fall Colors - Purple Orchid

Royal, loyal and rich — this fall favorite is hitting the runway scene with full force. Make a statement with your next event or custom embroidery order, when you purchase garments in this bold hue.


2. MetallicsMettalics for 2010 Fall

Add a little pazzaz into any event or tradeshow with this fall’s line of mettalics. Accessorize with some of these bright blends for a pulled together look.


3. Lip Stick Red2010 Fall Color - Lipstick Red

Don’t be shy this fall. Be shockingly bold with bright red hues that pop. Think about capturing attention at a trade show or event with red promotional items or custom apparel.



4. Camel

Understated and classic — this muted hue will hit the scene this fall in all shapes and sizes. See Michael Kors take on the color in his 2010 fall runway preview show.

Want to talk color with our experts? Call us today and we’ll help you think of promotional products, custom embroidered apparel or custom awards that will make a statement at your next trade show or event! or 812.376.3212

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Press Release: EYB Promotions Owner Receives Award From Advertising Specialty Industry


EYB Promotions receives a prestigious award from the Advertising Specialty Institute.

COLUMBUS, Ind., July 20, 2010 — EYB Promotions LLC, formerly known as Keeping U in Stitches LLC, announced today that its owner, Nancy Carothers, has received an honor from the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) by being placed on its 3rd Annual Counselor’s Hot List.

Every year, ASI, the largest media and marketing organization serving the advertising specialty industry, selects forty professionals out of all its members in the advertising specialty industry to be placed on their Counselor’s Hot List. These professionals are chosen because they have demonstrated that they are shaking up the advertising specialty industry with novel and innovative approaches to promotional product marketing.

“This award means the world to us, as it has been our goal to inject new and exciting ideas into the promotional marketing marketplace,” explained Nancy Carothers, owner of EYB Promotions. “Whether a customer asks for custom embroidery, company awards, t-shirts or promotional items, our team goes beyond status quo to provide richly unique ideas that will be attention grabbing and memorable.”

Carothers was awarded this honor during the ASI Show in Chicago on July 14, 2010. She will be featured in ASI’s Counselor’s magazine in the August issue. She received this award for her innovation in creating hand-crafted custom awards, embroidered apparel and her non-traditional online marketing tactics.

“This year we’ve ramped up our online marketing efforts and have added new social media channels that have helped to better engage and connect with our customer-base,” said Nancy Carothers. “Connecting with our customer-base every day is what has inspired much of our creativity over the past 3 years and we couldn’t have reached this milestone without them.”

EYB Promotions is located off Washington Street at 322 12th Street in Columbus, Indiana. More information about the company can be found at: To learn more about their social media efforts, visit: or

Here’s an example of some work that won Nancy this award:

EYB Promotions

EYB Promotions is a premier manufacturer of personalized promotional products and custom corporate gifts. The Company has over 13 years of experience finding creative solutions to help their customers’ increase company brand exposure.


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Catch a glimpse of this fall’s hottest hoodies in this EYB Fall Preview Video

The first hoodie featured is perfect for companies who want a unique apparel idea that will appeal to a younger crowd. The Independent Trading Company hoodie features:

  • Thumb-holes
  • An iPod pocket
  • An internal hole for speaker wires
  • Soft wash
  • Unisex sizes: offered in an XS, S and M for women, L+ is recommended for men

We love, love, love this second hoodie. Are you looking for something to make your company stand apart? This hoodie captures all that you need to keep your company stylish and fresh this fall. Not only is this hoodie light weight, it comes in an array of vibrant colors and features a white contrast zipper – better yet it gets softer as you wash it!

I wasn’t kidding – I think we’re going to have to buy a few in lime and purple.

Want to place an order? Give us a call at: 812.376.3212 or visit:

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EYB Promotions is a premier manufacturer of personalized promotional products and custom corporate gifts. We have over 13 years of experience finding creative solutions to help our customers increase company brand exposure. Visit our website: