Custom T-Shirt Trends: Shirts With a Heart

08/04/2011 at 8:37 am 1 comment

I was scouring the vast world-wide-Web today on a mission to bring you the latest in custom t-shirt trends. Why? Well, Summer’s just around the corner, so we’re guessing you’re on the look-out for unique t-shirt design ideas that are blow-your-socks-off good.

That’s when I ran across this idea..


What if cause marketing wasn’t just about making people feel warm and fuzzy about your company. What if it was more about a movement and asking people to take action? Gen Y and Xers are the mad forces behind millions of philanthropic-focused marketing campaigns – it’s now ‘cool to care’ and companies are latching onto this idea in a big way. How does this relate to t-shirt design? Let’s apply this idea to your next event.

What if it wasn’t just about YOU (your company), what if it was about something bigger? Maybe you and your employees could rally around something bigger and use the latest trends in technology to drive people to real action.

Don’t forget to co-brand and tell the story to your employees so they can articulate the cause when asked about it. Check out this video about a company that used QR codes on their t-shirts to drive action. Love this idea!


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