How to Create Trade Show Buzz

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Grass giveawayIt’s that time of year again. Time to pack up the old booth, ship it off and fly to the next trade show. What you might be missing is the excitement, energy and optimism that came with your first trade show experience. Why is that? Maybe you’ve come to realize that 1) everyone is doing the same thing (trying to get customers), 2) there isn’t a lot of innovation in your industry or 3) frankly, your

Puzzle Coasters

feet/legs are still sore from the last 12 hour standing marathon.

Well, let’s inject some creativity back into your strategy. Here are key steps to creating trade show buzz.

1) First, it’s important to really know your target market.

Branded CoozieIf you don’t have this already, create a profile(s) for who you’re targeting at the show. Even if you have a profile, it might be worth re-visiting, as the market has changed quite a bit and your data might be out-dated.
-Demographic information (age, gender, etc.)
-What do they like to do on the weekends?

-What is their greatest fear?
-What is their biggest work challenge right now?
-What real solution are you bringing to this group with your product/services?

2) What are your goals for the trade show?

-This sounds really basic, but it’s critical to define your goals
-Don’t only define sales goals, but define your brand goals
-E.G. How do you want to be perceived in the market place?

3) Next, call your trade show host to ensure you are aware of all marketing opportunities.

-Some trade shows will allow the following marketing opportunities:
-Room drops, pre/post conference (usually cost a small amount, but could be worth it as you can get super targeted)
-Break area sponsorship (or for gorilla marketing efforts)
-Conference room rental for daily Webinars or presentations (or special invitation only events)
-After conference client events (great for multi-day shows)
-General trade show area sponsorships (may be worth the price if a sponsorship type really jives with your brand image….may even afford you more flexibility during the conference)

4) After that, sit down and come up with an in-booth traffic driving strategy.

-How can you use the opportunities above intrigue your target into stopping by your booth?
-I love using promotional giveaways as a way to pique curiosity whether it’s a teaser room drop, door knob hanger or a registration bag insert
-Promise them a piece of information or the chance of winning something
-Remember: don’t do something that you’ve already seen at industry trade shows…put a new twist on it. Think about relevancy — what’s really hot right now? What will get people talking?
-One thing I like to do is give people something they’ll have to carry around the show — e.g. one time we rented a slushy machine and handed out drinks in colorfully-branded cups….we got a lot of interest just because of the cup visibility

5) Create a lead capture process & be sure to communicate your goals to the sales team!

-Nothing is worse than putting a ton of work into pre-trade show planning only to have the team manning the booth unaware of the company’s goals and marketing efforts

6) Lastly, team up with a highly-creative promotional product marketing company (like EYB) to ensure trade show success.

-Our staff has quite a few trade shows under our belt and can help navigate you through the process.
-Plus, we guarantee to work with you to find a more strategic giveaway plan that most likely won’t include handing out paper-weights and stress balls.

Visit our site for some more trade show inspiration:


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