Pokens: Tomorrow’s Business Card?

09/03/2010 at 6:44 am Leave a comment

Poken: Hand Serves as Data Exchange "Portal"I heard about Pokens a couple of months ago when I was planning a client event for my former employer. The challenge…how can we promote peer-to-peer networking during our conference? The old assigned seating trick will only work a few years in a row and then people are looking for a new way to encourage conversation amongst strangers.

Then, I ran across Pokens. Here’s how they work — each guest is given a Poken in their registration bag, they’re then encouraged to bring them to the conference events. If a guest meets up with someone they would like to connect with, they can touch their Pokens together and it automatically shares their basic contact details (similar to a regular business card), as well as their photo and social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, and 40+ other networks. When the event is over, the guest can plug their Poken into a computer and (viola) all of the exchanged details are uploaded. They can even update their own information real-time and everyone will receive the updates.

In the end, I decided Pokens wouldn’t work for my group — but I think  for a conference of young professionals, this could be an interesting idea.

I can’t breeze through this without mentioning that an app for the iPhone (created by Tapulous) does something very similar.

So, what do you think? Will an electronic file exchange eventually replace traditional business cards?


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