[YOU’RE INVITED] EYB Ribbon Cutting Event July 14 – B There or B Square

You are cordially invited to attend EYB Promotion’s upcoming Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in order to commemorate our name change and store renovation. The ceremony will take place Thursday, July 14 at 4:30 p.m.  All are welcome to come and celebrate, we’ll have:

  • Up to 50% off in-stock name brand apparel
  • Raffles
  • Refreshments
  • Store tours
  • And lots more!

Please come and take this opportunity to browse through our new summer merchandise, get some deals and enjoy the refreshments!

We’re located at 322 12th Street in the Roviar building. Hope to see you there!

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Top 5 Promotional Products for Women

Did you know women account for 85% of all consumer purchases? Everything from new homes, to food and vacations – women are many times the key decision-maker. We are challenged by our clients to find ways to market to women – which, isn’t always easy. Women can get bored with the status-quo, they see thousands of marketing messages per day and have become desensitized to advertising. That just means, you must be clever, fresh and relevant. Finding a promotional item that solves a problem – will always be a big hit. Here is our list of top 5 promotional products made especially for women.

Footzyrolls: Ugh! Nothing is worse than wearing high-heels all night long. Perfect for a long day at the office, weddings and special events – these footzyrolls hideaway into your purse and can be brought out at just the right time. Not to mention advertising your company on the footzyroll bag will be sure to create some buzz!

Purse Hanger: Love this! I can think of so many times my purse hanger has come in handy. At restaurants, events or bars (where you definitely don’t want your Coach purse even brushing the floor) – this nifty purse hanger will hold your purse high-in-the-sky and away from dirt and grime!

Green Journals: Whether it’s a big idea, the grocery list, thoughts, dreams or a list of ‘to-dos’ – journals are always a functional and memorable trade show or event giveaway. I always think printing a personalized page in the front of the book makes it even more special.

Natural Vanilla Lip Gloss: Women can ALWAYS use more lip gloss – especially when it’s something that’s easy to tuck away and smells yummy.

Comfy Tanks: Ahhhh….nothing’s better than a soft tank top. Whether you’re layering it under another shirt or lounging around the house – this tank top is my all time favorite. I have one in every color and multiple in white. If you’re looking for something for women this could be a great option – print your logo in a trendy location (like the bottom right-hand corner or the back right shoulder) for added flair.

If you want some more ideas or need to place an order, contact us at 812.376.3212 or wwww.eybpromotions.com.

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How to Throw a Royal Client Event

Disco BallWith Prince William and Kate Middleton marrying just this morning – the world is buzzing about their beautiful wedding. Not only that, but speculation on post-party/reception details are flooding the Web through Tweets, blogs, new articles and posts. The wedding, though beautiful, was very formal and stoic, but the reception–on the other hand–is speculated to be an $88,000 mega-bash.

Thinking about hosting one of your own? Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Three Rooms: One for a sit-down dinner, One for a “Chillax-Zone” (where guest can chill/relax) and a Dance Hall.
  2. Disco Fever: Pippa (Kate’s sister and maid of honor) was said to have ordered many disco balls to be hung throughout the hall.
  3. 70’s and 80’s Jams: To go along with the disco-themed decor – it’s reported that the royal couple and their 300-person crew will be grooving to 70’s and 80’s dance music ‘all night long’.
  4. Treasure Chest Cocktails: Compliments of brother Harry, this fine cocktail is a late night survivor’s drink that consists of dark rum and orange juice. Bottoms up!
  5. Late Night Food: Also compliments of Harry, late night food will be ushered in to give the party its 2nd wind – the food will include bacon, egg and meat sandwiches – perfect for a 3 am recovery snack.

Ready to plan your own royal-themed event? Let EYB help with a customized swag bags, branded champagne flutes, embroidered dress gloves and more! Call us at 812.376.3212 or visit our website for more information: http://www.eybpromotions.com

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WEATHER ALERT: Rain-Themed Promotional Items Expected This Spring

The Midwest has just been hammered over the past couple of days with storm after storm. This rain got me thinking about how I only have one umbrella and it’s pink. I offered it to my husband yesterday morning, but he opted to keep his masculinity intact and just ‘dodge’ the rain drops. I’m pretty sure he was soaked by the time he got to work. So…is it just us, or are others not prepared for these spring showers?

With spring trade shows popping up as fast as spring flowers, why not prepare customers for this rainy-season ahead and buy weather-resistant promotional items? More useful and clever than those pens, stress balls and paper weights that you usually pass out…I’ll beg to guess rain gear could be a hot item this season.

Here is a gallery of ideas – from rain scented bath products to hat umbrellas…maybe you’ll have customers singing in the rain this spring!

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Custom T-Shirt Trends: Shirts With a Heart

I was scouring the vast world-wide-Web today on a mission to bring you the latest in custom t-shirt trends. Why? Well, Summer’s just around the corner, so we’re guessing you’re on the look-out for unique t-shirt design ideas that are blow-your-socks-off good.

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Goodbye Jessica, We’ll Miss You!!

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We only had her for a short while, but Jessica Risacher made a big impact on our business. She started as an intern during the summer of 2010. She helped organize a client event, our sales plan and worked externally to promote our business. She did such an awesome job during her internship that in September, we hired her on full-time as a marketing/sales specialist. She worked diligently to process client orders, quote jobs and help us with strategic business decisions – all the while working on her MBA at IUPUC.

It wasn’t always all business – Jessica was a lot of fun! Being a good sport when we asked her to participate in Columbus’ Amazing Race (which entailed running around town in crazy outfits and dancing in public to an organ), we hosted internal parties and she was always willing to play along, and we always enjoyed hearing her ‘ring the bell’ when she got a client order.

We’re excited for Jessica’s new adventure as she moves into her new position, but will greatly miss having her here on our team!

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American Apparel to File Bankruptcy?

Just in…The Advertising Specialty Institute just posted a release about the possibility of American Apparel, a top 15 vendor, filing bankruptcy due to significant profit loss.

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